Dental Fillings Sacramento

Dental Fillings SacramentoThe most common dental restoration procedures are tooth fillings or dental fillings. Tooth fillings are as common as cavities which are usually the reason why dental fillings are needed. Besides restoring teeth with cavities, a tooth filling is a good option if you have any broken fillings, mercury fillings, or amalgam fillings that need replacing. Do you have a loose tooth? You can strengthen your teeth with fillings. You can choose to remove and replace amalgam fillings with far more attractive natural looking fillings. Or choose composite resin dental fillings which consist of a tooth bonding procedure that enhances the appearance and strength of any tooth.

At Soft Touch Family Dentistry we offer amalgam fillings (silver) or gold filling restorations as well as composite resin dental fillings. Whether you have cavities, need tooth fillings replaced or removed, or simply would like to enhance the structure of your teeth, Soft Touch Family Dentistry’s Dr. Owyoung will have you smiling in no time. As a 20 year family dentist, Dr. Owyoung has helped hundreds of Sacramento friends and neighbors enhance their smiles with dental fillings.

Tooth Crowns for Missing Teeth To learn more about dental bridges or to request an appointment for dental bridge work, contact Soft Touch Family Dentistry.