Root Canal Sacramento

Root Canal SacramentoRoot canal treatments are conducted on teeth that are badly decayed or infected. Over the years, root canals have gotten a bad rap for being very uncomfortable and painful dental procedures.

But this is a reputation that most often isn’t true. The pain and discomfort usually occur leading up to the root canal procedure because the tooth or teeth are inflamed with infection.

Getting a root canal actual reduces pain and the actual root canal itself is no more painful than a simple tooth filling. But with that being said, Soft Touch Dentistry understands anxieties patients may have and therefore goes above and beyond to comfort patients and help them fully understand the root canal process.

When you have tooth pain or an abscessed or damaged tooth, choose Soft Touch Family Dentistry’s root canal dentist Dr. Owyoung. He will inform you of the procedure, ensuring you are comfortable at every stage.

He will also take all the time needed to listen to your concerns and answer all your questions. You will be able to relax in a calm and supporting environment as your teeth are restored to health.

Request an appointment today and find out how easy it is to get a root canal.

When a Root Canal is Necessary:

  • when the tooth is infected
  • when the nerve tissue in a tooth has been traumatized by injury
  • if a dental x‑ray examination shows there has been a reduction in the density of the bone surrounding the root’s tip

Root Canal Pain If you have any of the above dental conditions, request an appointment with Dr. Owyoung to restore the health of your tooth with a root canal procedure.