A root canal is an alternative to a tooth extraction

In our line of work we’re not surprised to see these types of statistics. We commonly hear from patients in pain, “I think the tooth just needs to be pulled.” Where do patients get the idea to just pull a tooth? You aren’t just doing anything! The implications of pulling a tooth are permanent, can be detrimental and complicated, and patients owe themselves an opportunity to speak to a dentist prior to making this decision.

Many patients get the idea from an emergency room doctor because tooth pain can be so severe that the patient ends up in the ER in the middle of the night and the ER doctor will recommend an extraction. Emergency room doctors are amazing at what they do and they are specialists of the body.

Dentists are the ONLY medical professional that can diagnose problems inside the oral cavity. So, the next time a doctor, friend, family member, or anyone besides a dentist tell you you can just pull a tooth, take their suggestion kindly and call the dental office.


Root Canal Procedure

Dentists are in the business of saving teeth and a root canal procedure can do just that. When a tooth is infected, a root canal can alleviate pain, remove infection, and keep a tooth stable for decades to come. A root canal can take between 2 and 4 visits.

The initial root canal procedure will typically involve an x-ray and examination of the tooth by a dentist. In situations where the tooth is complicated the dentist may send you to see an Endodontist, or a root canal specialist. However, many general dentists perform root canal procedures since most cases are not complicated. The dentist will first remove the infection and infected part of the tooth. Depending on the amount of the infection, the dentist may complete the root canal procedure on that day. However, for larger infected teeth the dentist may have the patient return at a later date to complete the procedure.

The tooth will need be topped off with a crown in order to restore chewing functionality and to protect the remaining natural tooth structure.

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