Dry Mouth: Is it flying under your radar?

Dry mouth has many causes and the symptoms are typically difficulty swallowing, difficult speaking, and increased bacterial and fungal infections. Dry mouth also leads to increased susceptibility to cavities. Ask yourself the following questions, and see if you should take action against dry mouth.

Why is dry mouth and the lack of saliva a problem? Saliva serves as the cleaning mechanism in the mouth, removing food particles from the teeth and gums. Saliva also acts as lubrication between the tongue, the teeth, and the gums.

According to the Oral Cancer Foundation,

“Xerostomia is an original hidden cause of gum disease and tooth loss in three out of every 10 adults. If left untreated, xerostomia decreases the oral pH and significantly increases the development of plaque and dental caries.” 

Causes of Dry Mouth: 

Remedies for Dry mouth: 

If you are suffering, see your dentist and primary care physician for help. 

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