Eight Great Reasons to Have Your Teeth Professionally Whitened

It’s a simple and almost reflexive action, but your smile says and does so much. It’s a marker of confidence and intelligence, it influences your social and romantic life, it and affects your health. Teeth whitening is a simple and popular fix for improving your smile. But over-the-counter whitening products take weeks to work and the effects can be disappointing.

As a practice that takes cosmetic dentistry very seriously, our staff at Soft Touch Dental knows that when you want a brighter, bolder smile -- you want it now. That’s just one reason why you should come in and let us whiten your teeth professionally. Need more reasons? Here’s a whole list:

1. Fast treatment time

We use the Zoom® in-office teeth whitening system, which combines a special teeth whitening gel with an advanced LED light that brightens your teeth in less than an hour. It not only works faster than over-the-counter teeth whitening products, but also faster than other professional teeth whitening systems. So if you have a special event or you’re getting your picture taken, professional whitening gives you the results you want almost instantaneously.

2. It’s a simple fix

When it comes to fixing your smile, you have many options, including braces and Invisalign® to straighten your teeth, veneers to fix shape or color, and dental implants to replace broken or missing teeth. But these procedures, while effective, aren’t simple. Teeth whitening is a simple and easy way for you to improve your smile. It takes one trip to the office to get results.

3. It’s safe

When we whiten your teeth at the office, you know you’re in good hands. We have years of experience and closely monitor you and your teeth while you’re under treatment. We also take great care not to irritate your gums, which is sometimes an issue with at-home treatments. And we only whiten your teeth if we think it’s safe for you.

4. Whiter and brighter teeth

When you come in for teeth whitening at Soft Touch Dentistry, you leave with a smile that’s up to eight shades brighter than when you walked in. Professional teeth whitening has the power to not only remove surface stains, but also deeper stains that lurk below the enamel.

5. It’s long lasting

While we can give you a brighter smile that lasts at least a year, the longevity of your pearly whites depends on you, too. It helps to limit teeth-staining foods and beverages, such as coffee, cola, red wine, and berries.

Smoking is also a major contributor to dulling your smile. So if you smoke, we recommend you quit -- not only to keep your smile looking brighter, but also to improve your health. Coming in for your regular cleanings also lets us keep an eye on your smile and polish off surface stains.

6. Professional at-home touch-ups

In addition to the in-office treatment, we also provide you with the Zoom take-home whitening system, so you can maintain your new, brighter smile in the comfort of your home. The at-home treatments include special mouth trays and bleaching gel. We’ll provide a personalized treatment plan so you know when and how to use the home kit.

7. You’ll be ready to make a good first impression

Because we can improve your smile quickly and provide a system for you to maintain it, you’ll always be ready to make a good first impression. Your bright, confident smile may lead to more job opportunities and might even open up your social life.

8. You’ll smile more

Your brighter teeth might make you more likely to smile, which means improved health. Smiling sends a wave of feel-good chemicals to your brain which improves mood, reduces anxiety, and lowers your heart rate and blood pressure. And the more you smile, the more the people around you smile, too.

If you’re ready to schedule your professional teeth whitening, call our office or make an appointment using the online booking agent.

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