How Cosmetic Dentistry Can Boost Your Confidence

Back in the days when seeing a psychiatrist had a stigma attached to it, professional actors and actresses who struggled to access emotions in their performances were told by their coaches to “go see a dentist (i.e., a shrink).” Well, that deflection held more wisdom than the coaches knew: Cosmetic dentistry can boost your emotional health by restoring your smile and giving you a jolt of confidence.

What happens when you smile

Researchers have demonstrated that smiles — even fake smiles — reduce stress and may make you and your heart healthier and stronger. The simple act of using your “smile muscles” sends signals to your brain that releases endorphins and floods you with feel-good emotions.

Even when men and women had smiles forced by chopsticks that lifted the corners of their mouths (yes, they did that!) the effects were the same, according to the study, which was published in Psychological Science. If you’re feeling stressed or worn out, smile and see what happens.

Your smile spreads

Better yet, your smile is as contagious as a yawn. Seeing you smile makes others feel good, and they smile, too. Those contagious smiles and the positive energy they generate can even make your coworkers and friends perform optimally.

As if boosting your own health and the health, mood, and productivity of friends, strangers, and coworkers weren’t enough, smiles can do more. People interpret a bright, open, happy smile as a sign of confidence and “coolness.” Their positive perception of you alters the way they interact with you, increasing your chances of success at work and play.

What happens when you don’t smile

When you feel self-conscious about your teeth and gums, you may try to hide your “defects” by keeping your mouth closed when you smile — or worse, by not smiling at all. But suppressing your smile cuts yourself and others off from substantial benefits.

That’s why the motto at Soft Touch Dentistry in Sacramento, California, is “Changing the World One Smile at a Time.”  By restoring your teeth and gums, Dr. Andrew Owyoung and his team help you smile again … and spread that smile to everyone you know.

Transforming a smile is easier than you think

Whether you’re feeling self-conscious about stained and yellowed teeth, missing teeth, or other issues, you may have been avoiding the dentist because you’re afraid of long, lengthy, and painful dental procedures. But advances in dentistry have made even advanced cosmetic dentistry procedures virtually painless.

At Soft Touch Dentistry, you choose from a variety of cosmetic improvements that address a number of issues simultaneously. During your consultation, Dr. Owyoung helps you find the best solution for your issues.

Misaligned teeth

If you have a slight underbite, overbite, or other bite problems, you might not have to undergo teeth straightening with traditional braces.  You can hide alignment problems — including gapped or crowded teeth — with beautiful dental veneers.

Cracked, chipped, or broken teeth

Dr. Owyoung fixes small cracks and chips with tooth-colored bonds. Or you can get a Hollywood smile with dental veneers that cover damaged teeth.

Missing teeth

A gap in your gums is a sign of aging and endangers the health of surrounding teeth. It’s better to replace missing teeth with permanent dental implants, semi-permanent dental bridges, or removable dentures. Dr. Owyoung custom designs all of these dental appliances to fit you perfectly and match your natural teeth.

Yellowed, stained, or dull teeth

Professional teeth whitening is more dramatic and much safer than over-the-counter whiteners. Soft Touch offers Zoom® in-office whitening that brightens your teeth by up to eight shades.

Decayed or damaged teeth

An infected and decayed tooth looks bad, smells bad, and endangers your health. If you don’t treat an infected tooth in time, you could lose your tooth and even put yourself at risk for heart disease and systemic infection.

Dr. Owyoung restores your teeth with pain-free root canals, extractions, and dental crowns. He also treats periodontal disease to restore your gums to health.

Better-shaped teeth

Even when your teeth are healthy, you may be distressed that they’re of different lengths, too short, or too skinny. Dr. Owyoung designs dental veneers that create a sparkling and uniform smile that rivals that of a Hollywood star.

The best smiles start with healthy teeth

A beautiful and confident smile always starts with teeth and gums that are clean and healthy. During your biannual check-ups with professional cleanings, your Soft Touch team removes tartar and stains and catches and treats potential problems early.

Feel more confident with a better smile today. Contact Dr. Owyoung at Soft Touch Dentistry by phoning his friendly, smiling staff or book an appointment online.

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