How to Help Your Child Cope With Dentist Chair Anxiety

Dentist chair anxiety, or an anxiety with going to the dentist, is a serious problem, especially for children. Nearly 20% of children who are of school age are scared of going to the dentist. 

Dentist chair anxiety can range anywhere from being nervous about seeing the dentist to a very real phobia that makes it impossible for a person to see the dentist.

Because dental health is such an important component of your overall health, and because proper dental care is so important for developing children, dentist chair anxiety can be incredibly detrimental to your child’s development and general health. 

Here at Soft Touch Dentistry, Dr. Andrew Owyoung and his team take the dental health of you and your family very seriously. So, we’ve compiled this helpful guide. Here are some tips to assist you in easing your child’s dentist chair anxiety. 

Keep your children informed

You may think that withholding information from your children protects them. But this is often not the case. Kids with anxiety have an easier time when their lives are predictable. They have a much easier time sitting through an appointment when you’ve told them ahead of time what to expect. Let us know if your child has dentist chair anxiety, and we can help explain the procedures to them ahead of time. 

Help your children relax 

Relaxation methods are excellent for children with anxiety. It may help to give your child something that can occupy their minds and ease their anxiety, like bubbles to blow or a fidget spinner. Deep breathing techniques and muscle relaxation exercises like yoga, done before your child’s dental appointment, are also helpful in this instance. 

Distracting your children

It may help to bring your child’s favorite toy, or a small stuffed animal. This provides both a distraction from your child’s anxiety and a security blanket, as an object of comfort such as this can provide them with much-needed security.

It may also help to provide your child with methods of distraction before their dental appointment, like car games, ipad games, riddles, or even a distraction like counting the ceiling tiles in the waiting room. Anything that keeps your child’s mind occupied and off their own anxiety is helpful. 

Remember to relax yourself

Children are very observational and take everything we do into account. Sometimes, the best thing that you can do for your child’s anxiety is to stay calm yourself. Doing so can ease both your anxiety and that of your child, and keeps you both prepared for your child’s appointment.

At Soft Touch Dentistry, we provide expert pediatric dental services. We’re here to comfort you and your child during what can often be a difficult experience. Call us to set up an appointment today. 

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