Three Reasons Regular Dental Cleanings Are So Important

Few people list going to the dentist as one of their favorite activities. But there are three good reasons you should get regular dental cleanings: your overall health, your oral health, and preventive care.

It’s about more than your teeth

Although you probably think of a dental exam as an examination of your teeth and gums — and that’s definitely a big part of it — there’s more to a regular dental checkup. A number of health issues have symptoms that can be apparent during a regular dental exam.

During your exam, we take a good look at your face, neck, lymph nodes, and the joints of your lower jaw. In some cases, the first sign of disease appears in your mouth. The following conditions are examples of diseases that have oral symptoms:

At Soft Touch Dentistry, we consider things like your blood pressure and medical history when examining your mouth. Your oral health is one aspect of your overall health, and regular dental checkups can help you stay healthy, with the added benefit of keeping your teeth bright and sparkling.

Regular cleanings keep your teeth looking great

Regular cleanings are one way to avoid cavities because the bacteria that causes tooth decay is removed. Cleanings also give our dentist the opportunity to make sure you don’t have cracked or broken teeth, damaged fillings, or other problems.

If you have a dental appliance, your regular appointment is a good time to have it evaluated and make sure everything is in working order and appropriate for you. It’s also a good time to ask questions about your oral hygiene routine or any cosmetic procedures you may be considering.

Preventive care is important

You brush and floss daily, and you may think that’s enough to keep your teeth healthy, but you need a professional cleaning by one of our expert dental hygienists to scrape away tartar and remove plaque from below the gum line.

Plaque forms constantly on your teeth and is a sticky film that can harden and become tartar (which is also called calculus) if it’s not cleaned away. If tartar isn’t removed, it can lead to gum disease. And gum disease can lead to tooth loss or even bone loss.

Plaque is soft and can be removed from the surface of your teeth by brushing and flossing. But special tools and skills are necessary to remove the much harder substance of tartar as well as plaque from below the gum line.

Almost half of American adults over 30 have chronic gum disease and are in danger of experiencing permanent damage. Regular dental cleanings can keep you from developing gum disease.

Regular dental care is part of living an overall healthy lifestyle. Oral health and physical health are closely related, so don’t take any unnecessary chances with your health by skipping your regular dental visit. Plus, a healthy smile is attractive.

Book your six-month appointment online or by phone with either Dr. Owyoung or Dr. Fong and enjoy all the benefits of regular dental cleanings.

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