Your Solutions For A Chipped Tooth

How to fix a chipped tooth

Many of us have been there: You’re happily crunching away on a handful of trail mix or a piece of hard candy, or you’re tearing open a stubborn bag of pretzels with your teeth when you sense something isn’t quite right. You’ve chipped your tooth. What should you do now?

Tooth enamel, the visible covering that protects the more vulnerable elements of your teeth, is the most highly mineralized and hardest surface in the human body. As unyielding and rigid as your enamel may be, you may assume that it would take a great deal of force to damage your tooth. While true, there are some instances when the strength of your tooth enamel is no match.

The risk of a chipped tooth

If you suffer a blow to your mouth or face, your injury may result in damage to your teeth. If one of your teeth has already suffered decay, it becomes much more vulnerable to chipping, cracking, and breaking. The degree to which your tooth is damaged will vary, and the treatment necessary to restore your tooth depends on the damage.

At first glance, the chip in your tooth may not seem to be any big deal. But a chipped tooth may be much more than you think. That chip in your tooth may be the only visible sign of fracture. Ignoring the chip in your tooth could lead to further damage, infection, and potential loss of the tooth. Repairing your tooth is vital to your dental health.

Chipped tooth solutions

As we mentioned, the best solution for a chipped tooth depends directly on the amount of damage. In order to restore your smile, and function, some of the methods we use at Soft Touch Dentistry are:


If the chip in your tooth is relatively small and damage isn’t very complicated, bonding is the best solution. We form a composite material over your tooth in order to fill in the chip and protect your tooth against further degradation. The bonding material is colored to match your own teeth and will look like your natural tooth. Bonding is virtually undetectable.


For a severely chipped or cracked tooth, you may suffer damage to the enamel, which allows bacteria to threaten the health of your tooth. Before your tooth begins to decay or succumb to the bacteria, that protection needs to be restored. Veneers are very thin porcelain coverings that adhere to the front of your tooth and, in addition to providing impenetrable protection for your tooth, look and feel natural.


Like veneers, a crown is a porcelain covering that looks and acts as your natural tooth. While a veneer shields just the front of the tooth, a crown covers the entire tooth. For chips that take out a chunk of your tooth, a crown offers protection for the exposed nerve, which is likely causing some pain. Like veneers, crowns provide protection against tooth decay.


Sometimes the chip in your tooth is just the first sign of damage. When you suffer a blow or when you bite down in a certain way — particularly if your tooth is already compromised by decay — you may suffer a crack or fracture that goes to the gum line. In this case, it’s in your best interest to remove the tooth and replace it with a dental implant.

Dental implants look and feel just like your natural tooth. What’s more, because they are implanted directly into your jaw, your dental implant is strong, just as a natural tooth would be. Though installing a dental implant can take more than a few weeks, it is the surest way to avoid infection, which could result in much more serious problems.

Don’t neglect a chipped tooth

As common as chipped teeth are, there’s no one fix for everyone. That’s why it’s vital that you  immediately seek the services of an experienced professional like those at Soft Touch Dentistry when you chip, crack, or damage your tooth.

Dr. Andrew Owyoung has been serving patients in, and around, the Sacramento, California, area for nearly 30 years. The team at Soft Touch Dentistry works to ensure your comfort, both during and after your procedure. If you have a chipped, cracked, or otherwise damaged tooth, don’t put off the repairs and risk your dental health. Contact Soft Touch Dentistry today.

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