Dental Emergencies

What Is A Dental Emergency?

Anytime you have a toothache or a case of bleeding gums, it’s always best to consult your dentist ASAP. We often tend to write off minor dental problems, thinking they'll go away on their own. This is quite an unsafe practice and can grow into severe issues somewhere down the road. However, people are often left clueless on what to... read more »

The Pros and Cons of Getting Veneers

The Pros and Cons of Getting Veneers

We all dream of having that perfect, pearly white grin that stuns everyone around us. However, daily wear and tear due to eating, injuries, and dental issues cause our teeth to become crooked, chipped, and yellow in color. No matter how many whitening treatments and at-home strips you use, your teeth will refuse to stay white and sparkly! But this... read more »

Why Should I Care about Dental Plaque?

Why Should I Care about Dental Plaque?

Did you know that there exists a thriving community of live microbes in your mouth right now? Yes, you read it right! Scientists call this community a 'biofilm,' but you probably know it as dental plaque. While it may not appear as the typical microscope pictures of bacteria that we find in science textbooks, the plaque layer on your teeth... read more »

Should I Remove My Wisdom Teeth?

Should I Remove My Wisdom Teeth?

All dentists agree that it is vital to remove your impacted wisdom teeth.  These teeth first appear on your X-rays when you’re in your early teens, although there have been many cases of wisdom teeth erupting even in early adulthood. It starts as an uncomfortable sensation in the back of your mouth as the third set of molars push back... read more »

Dr. Owyoung discusses Implant Procedure

How Do Dental Implants Work?

If you're missing one or two of your teeth or would prefer not to have full or partial dentures or bridgework, you might be considering opting for dental implants. The procedure fills in the gaps between your teeth to maintain your mouth's structural integrity and ensure an aesthetically, pleasing smile. The dental implants are made to look, feel, and function... read more »

Dental Crowns Sacramento

Why Dental Crowns? Everything You Need to Know

If you have a damaged tooth or teeth, removal is not the only option for you. In fact, many dentists prefer to use a technique in which they place a tooth-shaped ‘cap’ over the damaged tooth. This is called a dental crown procedure and is the most common type of mouth restoration technique used by dentists. The cap-like structure placed... read more »

Prevents Respiratory Diseases

Does Flossing Really Matter?

While there's little doubt that we all brush our teeth every day (right?), how many of us really carry out our flossing routine religiously? It can get quite annoying and boring to have to do TWO whole dental care routines in the morning. But will our laziness come to bite us in the end? National polls reveal that only every... read more »

Does Your Oral Health Affect Your Overall Health

Does Your Oral Health Affect Your Overall Health?

Dentists have been trying to stress the importance of oral health for decades now. They’re successful in doing so sometimes, but many of us often go back to a lazy dental care routines, brushing just once a day or not brushing correctly. However, we at Soft Touch can guarantee that once you read this article on how dental health affects... read more »

Interdental brush

The Unforeseen Dangers of Gum Disease

The pale and sticky substance that builds on your teeth is called plaque. Not only is it unpleasant, but it also contains bacteria. If it is left to stay, the bacteria found in plaque can damage your gums and result in periodontitis. As a result, your gums can become swollen and irritable. By maintaining a good dental health regime, you can... read more »