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While the dentists and oral hygienists at Soft Touch Dentistry are happy to cater to all of your dental needs, one of their main goals is to minimize the time you spend in the dentist’s chair. Soft Touch Dentistry believes in partnering with their Sacramento, California, area patients to promote good dental hygiene that will preserve your teeth over the course of your lifetime. To find out how you can practice better dental hygiene, make an appointment today. Se Habla Español.

Dental Hygiene Q & A

What is considered good dental hygiene?

You’ve likely heard it many times over the course of your life, but as a reminder, good dental hygiene includes:

  • Brushing twice a day
  • Flossing daily
  • Seeing your dentist for regular check-ups and cleanings
  • Good nutrition

Often, life gets very busy and you may feel that good dental hygiene takes too much time and effort. However, if you consider the time, effort, and consequences of the many dental problems that can result from insufficient dental hygiene, a small daily effort pays off in very large ways.

In addition, good dental hygiene is necessary for:

  • Proper speech
  • Eating a variety of foods
  • A healthy natural smile
  • Minimizing bad breath

How often should I get my teeth professionally cleaned?

For optimal oral health, the dental hygienists at Soft Touch Dentistry recommend getting your teeth cleaned twice a year. These visits provide a deep cleaning that you can’t otherwise attain on your own and go a long way toward preventing and spotting problems before they become major issues. A routine dental cleaning typically follows these steps:

  • A physical exam: First the hygienist performs a physical exam of your mouth, checking for outward signs of cavities, as well as gum and tissue health.
  • Plaque and tartar removal: Using specialized equipment, the hygienist sets about removing tough tartar and plaque buildup around your teeth.
  • Toothpaste cleaning: The hygienist uses a special gritty toothpaste and a high-powered instrument to scrub your teeth clean.
  • Flossing: A good flossing by the hygienist removes debris and buildup from between your teeth.
  • Rinse and fluoride: After the cleaning is complete, you rinse your mouth out and the hygienist gives you a fluoride rinse to help protect your teeth between cleanings.

During your dental cleaning, the hygienists at Soft Touch Dentistry will review the care you can provide at home in order to maintain the health of your teeth.

How often should I see the dentist?

If your teeth are healthy and you aren’t at risk for any serious dental conditions, you should see the dentist twice a year, though one of those visits can be for a cleaning. Regular dental checkups catch problems, often before you are even aware of them, such as:

  • Cavities
  • Gum disease
  • Oral cancer

During these visits, the dentists at Soft Touch Dentistry also review your dental hygiene and suggest ways you can further improve your at-home care.